The team coach of Ouf

Coach of Ouf is also the meeting between Carlos Carvajal and Delphine Calvet, our 2 coaches certified RNCP.

Go to meet these 2 experts, with singular courses, which rely on their professional experience and their thorough knowledge of the human to help those who solicit them in the resolution of the problems they Meet. To reorient yourself professionally, to reinvent yourself or to optimise the operation of its company, are steps that may require a little help.
Our oouf coaches bring it to you!

Nos Coachs de Ouf

Carlos Carvajal

RNCP certified coach

Carlos is Franco-Mexican, he is 42 years old, lives as a couple and has two daughters. He loves his family, his friends, travels and gastronomy. He practises running, downhill skiing, diving and parachuting. He is interested in literature, painting, history, geopolitics and Economics and personal development.

He has been, for 20 years, Director in international business development. He has worked in the hospitality, event, recruitment and new technologies sectors. He has throughout his career been led to manage teams, sometimes composed of more than 80 people. He worked as well for large groups as for medium structures and specialized in startup. He has contributed to the launch and international development of FastBooking, HotelRooms, TravelAvenue, OpenWays, Twenga and CornerJob. It has also contributed to the launching of several offices in Europe and Latin America.

After receiving much and learning, he believes today to be indebted to society and the human being, and wishes to give and transmit in his turn. He trained at the French school of coaching to become a professional coach and set up his coaching firm, in order to accompany those who need it in their willingness to reorient themselves professionally, to improve their personal life or improve the performance of their business.

Some quotes that inspire him:

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day (Leo Robert Collier)

Generally, what you think determines in large part what you will become (Bruce Lee)

Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a single day of your life (Confucius)

Delphine Calvet

RNCP certified coach

Delphine is 40 years old. A graduate in business and Visual communication, she started her career as a freelance graphic designer and DA before setting up her own communications agency for her 30th birthday. She exercises her creativity with artisans, associations, institutions and international groups.

She discovers her zebritude at the end of her studies, this new lighting leads her to become interested therefore in personal development, analysis of social interactions and how to develop its potential whatever its nature. Becoming oneself to help others become, becomes a philosophy of life. Cultivate his joy, a leitmotif.

Passionate about art, literature, cinema, theatre, urban culture and creativity in General, she is also a painter and author at her hours.

Coach certified by the French school of coaching, she is practicing in PNL (master Prat to come), technician in hypnosis, and in training Mastercoach.

Currently coaching individuals and companies, it helps to remove blockages that can hinder personal and professional development, identify the sources of difficulties and reconnect with its nature, resources and aspirations Deep. It invites you to reconnect with the idea of the possible, for those who aspire to reorient themselves professionally or personally.

Its currencies:

Believe those who seek the truth, doubt those who find it (André Gide)

In the end everything will be fine, if it does not go well, it is that it is not the end (Indian proverb)

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We hope to be able to help you in achieving your goals

Delphine, coach

For those who wish to reorient themselves professionally, possibility of travel throughout France.

Distance coaching possible
in French.

By phone or Whatsapp video a
06 82 13 62 51
by mail:

Carlos, coach

For those wishing to reorient themselves professionally, the possibility of travel throughout France.

Distance coaching possible, in English, French and Spanish.

By phone or Whatsapp video a
06 81 53 76 88
by Skype: carloscarvajaljimenez
by mail:

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