"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day"

Leo Robert Collier

Our raison d'être



Coach de Ouf was born out of the desire to provide individuals and businesses with the support and advice necessary to deal with sensitive situations and to be able to advance in the best conditions.

We are convinced that we all have the necessary resources to evolve positively, and succeed in our personal and professional journeys.

Nevertheless, it is common that we are not connected to these means, and that we do not measure the strength. Coach de Ouf brings to his clients the support that will enable them to regain confidence and serenity, and achieve the goals they have set themselves.

Life coaching, career coaching and corporate coaching are our areas of expertise!

Life coaching

When a person encounters in his personal and private life the difficulties that he struggles to confront, she can count on the help of our teams. Personal development coach Paris, coach de Ouf accompanies his clients in their problems of personal growth, management of emotions, self-esteem, and self-confidence. We propose to work on these many aspects, in order to allow the people we accompany to be in better relationship with themselves, and with their environment.

Career coaching

Professional turns can be particularly difficult to negotiate, especially if they have not been adequately thought out and prepared. Personal development coach Paris, coach of phew allows those who solicit us to identify their strengths, and determine a career choice in coherence with their aspirations.

Corporate coaching

Are you a business manager, experiencing difficulties with the management of your teams, or the Organization of work?
Coach de Ouf offers you an accompaniment, which will allow you to identify the keys to your success, and to implement them optimally, in order to enable your business to prosper!

1st free consultation

To help you get through the event you are currently experiencing, coach de Ouf offers you a free first consultation.

This first meeting, physical or telephone, is the starting point of a relationship aiming to enable you to develop your full potential, and achieve your goals! Professional coach, career coach and personal development coach Paris, our teams are at your service. 

So don't wait any longer!

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